Charter service is not a cheap endeavor; however, turboprops generally have lower rates.


Turboprop Air Charter Options

Turboprop aircraft offer cost-effective alternatives to light jets. Turboprops generally present similar seating options in generously sized and comfortable cabins relative to their light jet counterparts.


Generally speaking, turboprops maintain a more restricted range capability; still, there are exceptions to that rule and many turboprop aircraft are similar if not better performing machines than some light jets. Where turboprop aircraft more clearly fall short of light jet performance is in the speed category.

Popular turboprop airplanes include the Beechcraft King Air 200, Piaggio Avanti P.180, and the Piper Cheyenne. Turboprops are best for shorter range flights, sometimes resulting in less expensive executive travel as compared to commercial airlines (assuming all seats are filled, of course).

Amenities vary per airplane. For example, some older aircraft may be configured with front-facing, commercial airline style seating, while most newer and some refurbished turboprops sport brand new, beautiful executive interiors.

Turboprop airplanes generally seat 6-8 passengers, and can travel distances ranging from 800 to as many as 1,500 miles without a fuel stop depending on the aircraft model. Turboprop airplanes are generally pressurized, giving them the ability to fly at a higher altitude than unpressurized aircraft.

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