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JetVizor arranges private jet, turboprop and helicopter charter flights throughout the USA and Canada. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships.

Our client list includes individuals and companies, both big and small, from a wide variety of industries and regions.

We consider ourselves logistics experts when it comes to arranging private jet charter flights, in-flight catering and ground transportation; our standard is perfection.

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Private Jet Charter Flights by NBAA Business Aviation Member. A large selection of beautiful charter jets and turboprops are available for aviation charter customers looking for great rates, best reviews and privat service that will take your mind of the cost of the flight so you can relax. Cheap isn't our goal. Quality and service are put first.

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We aren't setting out to be the cheapest private jet charter company offering endless discounts and share programs. We don't offer jet cards or timeshares, such as NetJets, Sentient or the Marquis Jet Card. We don't present the inconveniences of tight schedules and fees and penalties such as JetSuite. Jet Suite and the various jet card and private jet sharing programs are excellent companies and useful in certain cases. They also boast high levels of safety which is a credit to their committment to safety. At the same time, utilizing a private jet charter brokerage can be to your advantage when working with a broker you trust to offer competitive private jet charter hourly rates, eliminating unnecessary fees that can usually be negotiated our of a deal, such as a fuel surcharge fee, overnight fee, daily minimum fee and the list goes one. Check our private jet charter company reviews and you'll see we are top notch.

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Some lesser known private jet aircraft include the Merlin III turbo prop, which can be a very cost effective option to minimize hourly charter rates. Another similar value plane is the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop airplane, in addition to the smaller and older Cessna Conquest.

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A variety of more utility, commercial seat-style turboprop airliners are available for larger groups. They can be particularly value beneficial when arranging site visits, plant tours or flying into rougher mining towns or into Mexico, where a high end jet may not be a good lower cost option -- they can be a best value option. Models include: Fairchild Metroliner; Jetstream 4100; Jetstream 32; and Saab340. Additional options may include the Dornier 328 Jet, as well as the Dornier 328 turboprop or Brasilia.

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