This beautiful red and white Citation X is captured on camera during a landing as it descended to th

Super Mids

Super Mid Category

Aircraft that fall within the super mid category include the Citation X, Falcon 50 and Challenger 300, among others. Super mid jets generally seat between eight and ten passengers comfortably, with some variation occurring as a result of aircraft specific seating layout and interior customizations or refurbishments.


Super mid jets are a popular choice among business clients and individuals with high-end expectations.

Super mids are longer than mid jets and have a wider cabin than light jets. This wide bodied cabin lends itself to a more luxurious and comfortable flight, while also giving passengers the ability to move around during a long haul or transcontinental flight. Super midsize jets are able to complete transatlantic flights with ranges between 3100-4000 miles and have speeds of approximately 450-550 MPH.

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