Helicopters range in size from small, medium and large. Charter helicopters may be utilized for gas

Small Helicopters

Small Heli Charter Service

Small helicopters offer versatility for a variety of helicopter specific air charter missions. Small helicopter charters are often utilized for aerial viewing of sites for photography or sightseeing ventures. Helicopters offer a variety of utility services, such as aerial surveys of oil fields or gas lines, as well as environmental surveys relating to engineering efforts, as well as biology related surveys, such as bird count or herd monitoring of various animals, both domestic and wild.


If you are interested in helicopter air charter service, we offer helicopter arrangement services on a limited and selective basis. If you are searching for a helicopter operator for short aerial tours, such as flights ranging in duration from approximately 30-45 minute to 1.5 hour in length, we are unfortunately unable to commit resources for these types of small helicopter charters. There are many helicopter operators that offer these types of services, many of them are not FAA Part 135 helicopter charter operators, but rather FAA Part 91 helicopter tour operators.

FAA Part 135 helicopter charter operators are licensed to provide point-to-point transportation services, and these are generally the types of charters we arrange so long as they meet an approximate flight time minimum of 2 hours or more.

FAA Part 91 helicopter tour operators are licensed to provide aerial tours that, for the purpose of explaining the differences, generally are limited to departure and arrival from the same location. In other words, the helicopter departs one location and proceeds to fly over the designated areas and, once the flyovers are complete, the helicopter returns to base. Safety is always paramount when arranging an air charter flight. FAA Part 91 operations are generally not the type of helicopter operators we work with, although there are exceptions when we may consider serving clients where a Part 91 helicopter charter operator is best suited--generally when at least approximately 6 to 10 or more flight hours will be required to accomplish the mission of the client(s).

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