Small charter aircraft are very cost effective versus reviews and comparisons with similar itinerari

Small Airliners

Chartering Small Airliners

Small airliners may be available in certain regions. We classify airliners as 'small' if they seat under approximately 20 passengers or thereabouts.


We arrange a number of small airliners, particularly for companies making efforts to gather people and efficiently transport them to a location for site visit, for example.  Utilizing commercial airline service to bring executives, analysts, investors or business people in similar capacities into a single location for entertainment and pre-meetings followed by a group site visit utilizing a small airliner presents very good value opportunity, particularly considering the amount of time removed from traveling by ground and, instead, focused on the business at hand. This is especially true when dealing with remote locations with little to no commercial airline service and difficulty accessing via ground transportation when lost time driving would be too constricting on the event schedule and goals of the event.

We are good at making recommendations for you to consider for these types of events, specifically because we know where these types of aircraft can be accessed most easily and cost effectively and preventing unnecessary re-positioning of the airliner from one city to another, unless it is absolutely a requirement.

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President & Founder

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