Private charter jets require regular maintenance.

Safety is Paramount

Private Charter Jets & Safety

Private charter jets are relied upon for both business and personal use; they must be dependable, safe and operated by trustworthy and well trained pilots. We consistently recommend aircraft with the highest third party charter ratings available in the industry.


JetVizor is a boutique private air charter company; we value each of our clients’ business and pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships. We strive each day to act with the highest level of integrity to ensure our clients feel more than satisfied after each and every private jet charter flight.

Private charter jets serve a variety of purposes. Our client list includes individuals and companies, both big and small, from a wide variety of industries and geographical areas.

Our extensive database of private air charter operators and private charter jets enable our air charter managers to arrange charter service where and when you need it, free from the hassles and stresses of commercial airports and airline travel; that's real freedom.

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