Charter a Lear 35 light jet.

On-Demand Charter Flights

Types of Aircraft

On-demand charter aircraft are generally classified by engine type and aircraft size. Categories include turboprops, light jets, mid-size jets, super-mid jets and heavy jet. Airliners are often categorized as turboprop airliners or jet airliners, of which the size varies greatly. The aircraft type we recommend depends on a number of factors including the distance of the flight legs, number of passengers and budget and expectations of the customer.


JetVizor is a small on-demand charter brokerage company; we value each of our clients’ business and pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships.

Our client list includes individuals and companies, both big and small, from a wide variety of industries and locations.

We have spent over 11 years building one of the most comprehensive charter databases in the industry. Take advantage of our hard work and dedication by submitting your charter request. We'll do our best to leverage our data and technology systems, along with out old-school knowledge of the operators and aircraft in the industry to match the best available aircraft to your specific charter request.

We look forward to working for you.

Dan Probert
President & Founder

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You have been so wonderful to work with!

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