The Piper Navajo is a solid choice for low cost, no frills charter flights.

Multi-Engine Piston

Multi-Engine Piston: Entry Aircraft

Multi-engine piston aircraft are the entry level air charter option for JetVizor clients seeking lowest cost private flights. These small charter aircraft are not suitable for long-range flights, but are generally capable of accomplishing flights slightly shorter than a turboprop charter aircraft might make.


Multi-engine piston aircraft may often be flown by a single pilot. Still we recommend utilizing two pilots as a good safety measure. We can answer further questions you may have regarding crew for your air charter flight. Some multi-engine piston aircraft are under the maximum gross take-off weight of 6,000 pounds, resulting in tax exempt status with regard to the 7.5% federal excise tax normally associated with the vast majority of private charter flights.

Piston aircraft may present as an attractive choice for short flights for business or leisure trips as they are a lower cost options than most turboprop and jet planes. Popular models of piston aircraft include the Beech Baron and Cessna 421 "Golden Eagle".

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