Heli jet helicopter on a charter flight in Burrard Inlet near downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kelown

Medium Helicopters

Medium-sized Helicopters for Charter

A variety of medium-sized helicopters are available for charter flights. Medium-size helicopters fulfil a variety of air charter service roles. Helicopters are often used for aerial tours and sightseeing, but more often we are involved in helicopter charter arrangements for business executives in need of efficient point-to-point air charter travel. Landing directly on a golf course can result in a fantastic experience. Let your imagination expound on the convenient and luxurious ways a helicopter charter may best fulfil your needs and wishes.


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We're so happy you found us online. We are sometimes asked to help clients arrange helicopter charter service. While our core competency is focused on providing private business jet charter services, we are very capable of arranging private helicopter charter flights on small, medium and large, or luxury, style helicopters. Helicopter availability ranges widely from city to city depending on available equipment and general rates of usage. Helicopter availability also fluctuates widely with seasons and natural disasters, such as flooding or fires, for example.

Whether you are interested in landing a large, luxury helicopter on a golf course for a perk trip for business executives to enjoy, or perhaps enjoy a stunning sunrise while enjoying a small helicopter for a scenic tour in Yellowstone National Park, we may be able to assist if your flight meets our minimum requirements (generally at least 2 hours of flight time) and we are willing and able to commit the resources necessary to provide a high level of service for your charter flight arrangements.

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