Brasilia and Dornier jets are commonly used for  junket flights to and from Las Vegas, Reno or Atlan

Medium Airliners

Chartering Mid-sized Airliners

Common medium sized airliners available for charter include both the Dornier 328 turboprop, as well as the Dorner 328 jet; both of these aircraft generally equivelant in terms of comfort and size as they are essentially identical. However, the Dornier 328 jet is an upgrade as it presents better performance and quieter jet engines with noticeably less vibration from engines in flight. Other similiar aircraft are available, as well. Another popular mid-sized turboprop airliner is the Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia.


We tend to arrange a number of flights on mid-sized airliners. We classify an airliner that seats roughly 30 to 50 passengers as a medium sized airliner; our classifications of small, medium and large are only an effort to help clients understand the general sizes of airliners available. Our classifications are not very technical.

Generally, we look at small airliners, such as the Fairchild Metroliner or Jetstream family of turboprop airliners, as small airliners because they usually seat between 15 to 20 passengers. Mid-sized airliners mainly include the approximately 30-seat airliner options, such as Dornier 328s and Embraer Brasilia turboprop airliners.

Airliners above 50 seats begin to move into our large grouping, which encompasses a wide variety of aircraft. In terms of large airliners, we generally arrange flights on Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft in the relatively rare situation that we involve ourselves in larger group charter flights.

Our core competency remains in the smaller business jet categories, but we are certainly capable of arranging medium sized airliners if this is something you are interested in considering for an upcoming group charter. We have arranged mid-sized airliners for a number of high-level charters.

Examples of flights we have arranged include high-end corporate retreat events, the opening of a mine in Mexico for the mining industry, political leaders for site visits, crew change flights for the oil and gas industry, and transport of professional hockey players, among many others. 

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