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Light Jets

Light jet aircraft category.

Light jet’s are the smallest and most economical category of twin engine business jets usually sitting between four to five adults comfortably, with a maximum capacity of six to seven passengers. Aircraft in the jet category are essentially always flown dual pilot. The range of a light jets varies significantly from model to model, for example the approximate range of a Lear 31 is a touch under 900 miles, while the Citation S/II is closer to 1,500.


Light jets are entry level aircraft in the jet categories. Some may point to "very light jets" (VLJs) as the true entry point, which would place the Eclipse 500, Citation Mustang and Phenom 100 at the front end of the spectrum followed by "regular" light jets. One anomaly is the Westwind II -- occasionally referred to as a super light jet. The Westwind II offers comfortable interior cabin space and an aircraft range of nearly 2,400 miles, far beyond similar aircraft in its class.

When value drives decision making, many clients rotate between light jets and higher end turboprops, such as the King Air 300 and Pilatus PC-12, depending on the specific requirements of each trip.

On the turboprop note, one aircraft that tends to be loved so much it may as well be listed in the light jet category is the Piaggio Avanti P-180, especially the handful of Piaggio's with custom installed espresso makers! Light jets are a good choice for many types of flights and we look forward to assisting as you make decisions regarding aircraft selection for any given itinerary.

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