Luxury helicopter charter companies are selected after extensive reviews of the air charter operator

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Luxury Helicopter Charter Companies

Large luxury helicopters have limited availability. The helicopters are very expensive. Generally clients that call in requesting a luxury helicopter tend to ultimately book a helicopter more value oriented, such as a twin-engine Bell Long Ranger--a very nice option in the medium helicopter grouping.


Luxury helicopters are fun to think about, but they are truly a high-end charter option. We do keep track of luxury helicopter availability. The bulk of our helicopter bookings tend to be purposed for utility missions, such as aerial survey of a derailed train, environmental surveys, biology field work and bird or other animal counts, etc. We also have performed 'rescues' during states of emergency, such as during flooding events when roads and bridges are washed out and normal ground transportation routes are unavailable. Rescues is loosely used to describe some of these charters arranged.

We are not a helicopter charter operator and do not market ourselves as a 'rescue' service. At the same time, our database of operational charter aircraft is beneficially utilized in some of these types of situations. It certainly feels good to return a family with a new born from remote towns high in the Canadian Rockies back to the comfort and security of a larger city with modern facilities. These are some of the types of helicopter charters we perform.

Certainly, we are a luxury brand and luxury helicopters are relatively easy for us to arrange on behalf of our clients.

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