Large cabin private charter airplanes are generally referred to as

Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets are the largest private jets, offering unsurpassed comfort and cabin space to passengers. These aircraft are often based on modified airliners, and as a result are sometimes referred to as “bizliners” or business airliners. Heavy jets are commonly represent the best in business or corporate business jet travel.


Popular heavy jet models include the Falcon 900, Gulfstream IV (also known as the G4), and the Challenger 604, to name a few. Heavy jets are capable of maintaining airspeeds in the approximate range of 550-600 MPH, travelling up to 6,700 miles without a fuel stop, depending on the specific model.

The heavy jets’ speed, combined with large range make it a perfect option for long haul travel. Many heavy jets have lay-flat beds for overnight travel, and some even have separate bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen areas within the cabin. Cabin attendants are generally standard in heavy jets, offering private catering and assistance to passengers in addition to their primary responsibilities related to aircraft and passenger safety.

As a general rule, heavy jets represent the very best in private jet travel. Of course, there are always exceptions; VIP airliners, rare they may be, one up heavy jets with regard to luxury, larger cabins often with multiple rooms or sections, over-the-top amenities and enhanced performance capabilities.

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