Medically related aviation may require specially trained air charter operators, of which we are not.

Fixed Wing Medical Aircraft

Fixed-wing Medical Emergency Flights

JetVizor is not an emergency medical provider in the sense of the general definition of the term. We do however assist in many emergency situations that do not exceed our level of expertise and capabilities. We are not an air charter operator. We are also not licensed or registered for any type of medical service whatsoever. Still, many situations termed "emergency" are not the "911", life-threatening type. We do maintain a database of many medical equipped charter operators and we are happy to assist where we feel we are able.


Private charter is certainly a service that may assist in many types of emergency and non-emergency medical situations.

As we state above, we are not a med-evac service or medically trained in any way, shape or form. At the same time, we have experienced situations where passengers require certain medical equipment or personnel to come aboard the aircraft and we have worked as we are able to accommodate those types of situations.

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