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Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

What Does FBO Stand for?

A fixed-base operator or FBO provides aeronautical services at an airport, such as fueling, aircraft maintenance, hangar services and tie-down (for when an aircraft is staying over night), parking and even flight instruction. We keep records of FBO’s across North America and beyond in order to ensure that air charters are well taken care of before and after they land. Some fixed base operators (especially those at larger airports) offer guest facilities such as waiting areas, food vending or restaurant facilities, rest-rooms, rest lounges, showers and even concierge services for last minute reservations.


Many people are often confused with the FBO acronym, which stands for Fixed Base Operator. Basically, I tell people to think of it as a gas station for private aircraft. Some FBOs offer the bare minimum services, while others offer 5-star amenities and the service to go along with it.

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